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Hospitals should consider that the services at the hospital is part of an integrated service system with professionals in the field of health services and level of service that will build a continuity of service. The purpose and goal is to align the needs of patients in the field of health services with services available in hospitals, coordinating care, then return and plan further action. The result is to improve the quality of patient service and efficient use of available resources in the hospital. The information needed to make the right decisions about:
- Needs of patients which can be served by the hospital.
- Providing efficient service to patients.
- Transfer and repatriation of appropriate patients to home or to other services.

Standard APK.1.
Patients received as inpatients or registered for outpatient services based on their health care needs have been identified and the mission and resources of existing hospitals.

Purpose and Objectives APK.1.
Adjust the patient's needs and resources with mission hospitals depend on the information gained about the needs of the patient and his condition through screening at the first contacts. Screening is carried out through triage criteria, visual evaluation or observation, physical examination or the results of physical examinations, psychological, laboratory or diagnostic imaging clinic earlier. Screening can occur disumber referral, patients were transported during emergencies or when the patient arrived at the hospital. It is very important that the decision to treat, send or refer only be made after a screening and evaluation results. Only hospitals that have the ability to provide services needed and consistent with its mission can be considered to receive inpatient or outpatient. If the hospital requires a screening or evaluation test data prior to acceptance and registration set forth in a written policy.

Assessment Element APK.1.

  1. Screening carried out at the first contact within or outside the hospital.
  2. Based on the screening result is determined whether the patient needs in accordance with the mission and hospital resources.
  3. Patients are only accepted if the hospital can provide the services needed by inpatients and outpatients with the right.
  4. There is a way to complement the results of diagnostic tests with respect to the responsibility to determine whether the patient received, transferred or in reconciliation 
  5. There are policies that specify that the screening and diagnostic test which is the standard prior to acceptance of patients.  
  6. Patients are not treated, transferred or referred prior to the required test results obtained as the basis for decision making.  

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